Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ID cards to stop police impersonation

The humble ID badge is not a new thing for police officers, but soon police officers in the state of Gloucester will receive photo ID cards to lessen the possibility of police impersonation; this new initiative has been widely praised as positive security step for the police service.

A new bill has been passed that supports the introduction of ID cards to the police service. The new system is being heralded as the first in the country to supply these high tech and secure photo ID cards to both state and local level police officers, as well as MBTA officers.

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Police chief Michael Lane put forward that the system has been planned for a few years already; “I think this has been in the works for a few years....this would be a new increased standard, and we look forward to getting them”.

The $300 per department entry fee and $9.50 per photo ID card costs are covered by federal homeland security funds, according to William Brooks, the deputy chief of the Wellesley Police Department and point person on the issue for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

Mr Brooks put forward that personally funding such as scheme would cost each department up to $3000, with the planned system using cards created by those that manufacture Massachusetts driver’s licenses.

The bill that was passed had been in the works for around two years behind the scenes, working its way through the necessary legislative committees. The bill states that the Executive Office of Public Safety has the power to state the length of validity of the photo ID cards, as well as who is allowed to used them, and the rules governing their return to the applicable department when the officer in question leaves or retires from service.

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